Empowering your business with our technology

We have recently introduced an innovative workflow and analytical system to communicate with our Partners. MediaMatics is a cloud application that we provide free of charge to our retainer clients. What does Mediamatics stand for? Mediamatics is an innovative B2B application, available through a  web-browser that will help you to distribute information to key target groups in an intuitive and smooth manner. You will no longer need to know precise contact details to professional journalists, coalition partners and analysts that may help to enhance your corporate reputation. With Mediamatics your information will go directly to the right people, in three simple steps while a B2B module will simplify tasks management and exchange of documents with your key account managers at Warsaw Consultants.

Warsaw Consultants is the author of an innovative application - Mediamatics, available as a SaaS model (Software As A Service). Mediamatics allows you to create and manage a database of media and dispatch information that has previously been prepared and agreed upon on-line through a collaboration between your executives and our account managers. The system has an open structure, so it can be further developed according to the company's  needs and is fully scalable. Mediamatics uses innovative solutions from TerminalOne Marketing Operating System ™, that are still being studied and will allow us to analyse information and feedback from various sources (BIG DATA).

MediaMatics allows you to:

  • distribute press releases on-line
  • plan and budget your communication activities
  • report and analyse your marketing efforts
  • exchange documents and tasks with your team
  • manage and archive projects

Leverage your reputation with technology!
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