Crisis Management

Crisis is an unpredictable situation with disastrous consequences for an organization. Our team can provide a full range of services to support  your organization in crisis,  including:

  • Crisis planning
  • Risk analysis
  • Emergency response

In every assignment, Warsaw Consultants aims to achieve four critical objectives:

  • Protect the valuation and reputation of the company
  • Ensure accurate representation of facts in the media and by other third parties
  • Reduce legal and political consequences
  • Ensure smooth business continuity

Planning for the crisis is important for efficient crisis management. A crisis communication plan is formulated to effectively interact with the general public and clients and brief them about the situation. This is imperative to calm the public, clients and the media and instill confidence in them that the organization is fully equipped to deal with the crisis.

We are the first partnership that provides crisis communictions services for professionals and their clients.  We organize press campaigns and coordinate crisis communication for law firm's clients in case when a  dispute, commercial transaction or merger requires the support of the mass media, the participation of public opinion or the lobby- information support (litigation public relations).  We have  wide experiences in crisis management and problem solving for FMCG, transport, infrastructure and logistics industries. Our prompt advice helped several law firms to support  their legal actions for their key clients and prevent crisises from expanding. We maintain the confidentiality of the information including in particular a ban on making the Information available to any third parties about current Crisis Management projects.