Government Relations

Our services are essential component of any business that is subject to government regulations. We provide public affairs counsel to the company’s top executives. We actively engage in issue resolution and influence legislation or administrative bodies on behalf of our clients through: arguments formulation, analysis, advocacy, media campaigns. We closly work and exchange expertise with top tier law firms in Poland. Our geopolitical intelligence practice combines the team of consultants with over 100 PRBI professionals embedded in the political and commercial activities around the world.

Without an understanding of the law-making process, opportunities to shape the outcome of legislation that affects a given business can be missed. Warsaw Consultants counsel clients about the law-making process and identify and monitor important issues – issues that affect their business. Once these issues are identified, we may offer advice on how to influence the underlying laws and public policy and ensure that our client’s position is considered in the debate by educating public officials. Warsaw Consultants holds civil liability insurance and is listed in the register of professional lobbyists in Poland.

Our deliverables include:

  • identification the most influential voices across any issue, market or industry
  • assesment of regulatory impact of decisions that you are willing to influence
  • mapping of stakeholders of the given project and building coalitions
  • preparation and execution of the strategy so your key arguments are well heard
  • alerting you in advance by media and legal sources monitoring