IPO/M&A Communications

Warsaw Consultants delivers comprehensive communications strategies that cover every stage of the deal life cycle from announcement planning to post-merger integration. We counsel public and private companies on a wide range of asset disposals scenarios, including transformative, friendly or hostile takeovers, sales of assets, Initial Public Offerings, private placements and bond emissions. Our Asset Disposals Communications professionals provide an unmatched combination of expertise in transaction integrated communications, risk analysis and compliance, scenarios planning, investor relations and crisis management.  We also often collaborate closely with our colleagues from top-tier law firms to provide complex advisory services.

Warsaw Consultants works with our clients to:

  • Create a clear and effective investment proposition and strategic rationale for the IPO or asset disposal
  • Develop a plan that identifies communications-related activities and responsibilities
  • Establish an infrastructure, including content, key messages and protocols for handling inquiries
  • Target quality, long-term and short-term institutional investors for road show meetings

Warsaw Consultants has helped companies of all sizes navigate their entry into the equity markets. Paweł Osowski, tha managing partner has an exceptional hands-on experience in supervising operations and communications of publicly listed entities.

For each transaction we develop, execute and manage a communications platform to address the concerns of all stakeholder groups, including investors, employees, the media, customers, analysts, regulators and others with potential influence. Warsaw Consultants is an "independent contractor" of one of the leading global consulting firms listed on the New York Stock Exchange. We benefit from the experience and expertise of 4,400+ consultants across the world, specializing in the field of strategic communications of  M&As and IPOs.