Litigation Public Relations

We are pioneers that provide crisis communictions services for professionals and their clients in the process of claim management. We organize press campaigns and coordinate crisis communication for law firm's clients in case when a dispute, commercial transaction or merger requires the support of the mass media, the participation of public opinion or the lobby- information support (litigation public relations).  We have  wide experiences in crisis management and problem solving for FMCG, transport and logistics industries. Our prompt advice helped several law firms to support  their legal actions for their key clients and prevent crisises from expanding.

If a company’s corporate and legal culture instinctively runs away from a crisis—instead of determining if and how it should respond—it’s likely that the problem will expand significantly. Being a great lawyer is about winning. Being a great in-house counsel is about protecting the brand. Winning a case at the expense of damage to the brand is no win at all.

Richard Levick

Roadmap for your Claim Management Project

Create a crisis management team that includes representatives from: in house counsel, your outside law firm and your outside Strategic Communications firm. Prepare brief message points that offer a clear, concise statement of your company’s position and keep your audience as on point as possible: the more explaining you do, the fewer opinions you sway. Take into account that message points without action to back them up aren’t credible to the news media. Ensure that all employees understand company's curent situation and remember that your company’s web site should also offer up-to-date information about the litigation.

Selected clients*

*We maintain the confidentiality of the information including in particular a ban on making the Information available to any third parties about current Litigation Public Relations Projects. What we can disclose are only archive case studies:

  • We have represented a Warsaw based technology company in the process of its dispute with a US based, NYSE listed company over the inefficiently pursued acquisition process and other major deals worldwide.The Plaintiffs, our client respectfully requested for judgment in favor of the Plaintiffs and against the US giant for monetary damages, punitive damages and treble damages, pursuant to US law. Warsaw Consultants and its US partner agency were responsible for all litigation PR processes involved in Poland and the US.

  • One of the largest stock market listed candy producers who had rights to production of a candy called "Michalki Zamkowe" was taken to court by another candy producer Michalki z Hanki Sp. z o.o. over similar packaging and marketing of a particular candy, confusing customers when shopping for this specific type of sweet. The listed company acted against the criminal code, resulting in their factories being raided by the police. The ordeal made it to the front page news (title: „Michalki Arrested”). Warsaw Consultants worked together with a law firm in Poznan that was leading the case and representing Michalki z Hanki sp. z o.o. We took care of the entire litigation communication, positioning in the media, all crisis management situations, and arranged all meetings and liasons with key government officials. The case carried on for almost two years and during our involvement (6 month period) we were able to maintain a positive image for the firm and help them continue where we left off.