Marketing Communications

Marketing is Everything. Positioning, product strategy, lead generation, target market assessment  and brand awareness – these are just a few of the critical functions controlled by Marketing that contribute to revenue growth and profitability. Marketing has become one of the most challenging and rapidly evolving of all business functions. The need for accountability and performance in marketing has raised the bar on qualifications for marketing leadership. Warsaw Consultants provides complex marketing management services in the form of interim management:

  • Marketing assessment and go-to-market positioning
  • Integrating all channels of communications, including corprate comms, ATL & Digital
  • Media planning, budget planning, controlling and supervising of subcontractors

Volunteered biggest recent changes? Digital media, faster pace and integration. The rise of social, digital and mobile communications is the standout change that communications departments have had to deal with in the past two years, cited by 50% of corporate communicators in the survey conveyed by the European Association of Communication Directors and Brunswick.  Increased pace and greater integration are also volunteered by at least one in 10 communicators. When asked to volunteer the biggest communications challenges their organisations are currently facing, the most frequent responses are related to managing reputation, external perceptions and rebuilding trust (mentioned by 20%). Eff ective storytelling, targeting messages and achieving cut-through are cited by nearly as many communicators (17%).

What would you say is the biggest communications challenge facing your organisation today?