Research & Analysis

Research is broadly divided into two categories: Market Research, a formal analysis of quantitative demand, access and recognition for classes of services and  Marketing Research, a formal analysis of the qualitative demand, access and recognition resulting from the activities of supply and promotion. Essentially, they represent two sides of the same coin.

  • It is relatively easy to decide whether you require market research or marketing research simply by defining the nature of the decision or problem you face. If you require qualified data on services, or your actual customers, ask us for  marketing research. If the issue you face relates to changes outside your company or the need to influence those who are not presently your customers, use market research.
  • We use research & analysis  tools that aggregate unique content including full-text news articles, financial statements, industry analyses, equity quotes, macroeconomic statistics, and market-specific information. Our team has a broad access to comprehensive data, insights and alerting tools on Emerging Markets M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital transactions.

  • We have recently introduced innovative workflow and analytical system to communicate with our Partners. MediaMatics is a cloud application that we provide free of charge to our retainer clients to aggregate and select your research papers, insights, KPIs. See how you can empower your business with our technology.